Q: “Are you a ‘Nut Free’ facility?”

A: Yes, we are a nut free facility.

Q: “Are your sprinkles made in a nut free facility?”

A: All of our sprinkles are made and processed in Nut Free facilities.

Q: “If you don't use all the mirror glaze in one project can you save for later? Does it need to be refrigerated or at room temperature after it's been opened? And how long is it still good for?”

A: Yes, the mirror glaze can be saved for later if you do not use it all.  It would be best if you keep it in a cool dry place sealed with the lid.  It has a 2 year shelf life from the date we produce it.  There is a BBE date; this is a best if used by date for your benefit.

Q: “Where do you get a mold for the Lace?”

A: Lace molds are available on line through Amazon or other baking online retailers such as Global Sugar Art or you can find a nice assortment at Hobby Lobby. Cake Craft is a food manufacturer so we just make the lace cream; we do not make or import the molds.  The molds are made of silicone and are easy to use. They range in price based on the complexity of design and size of the mat.

Q: “Will the pearls or jimmies melt during baking? If I add the sprinkles to my cookie dough prior to baking, will the colors bleed into the dough?”

A: Pearls and Jimmies do not generally melt during the baking process but can depending on the recipe. 

Q: “Can I use the coloring gel for the airbrush kit?”

A: Yes, you can use the color gels for the airbrush gun. You should add food grade alcohol such as everclear or vodka or you can use vanilla flavoring to reduce the strength of the color and make the gel more liquid for the airbrush gun.

Q: “Where are the edible writers manufactured?”

A: Our pens are produced in our China facility with Italian Inks.  Then imported here for distribution in the US.

Q: “Do I need special air brush coloring to use with the mini airbrush system or can I use any type of food coloring?”

A: You can use the standard Cake Color from Cake Craft or any other coloring gel/paste diluted with clear alcohol like Everclear or Vodka or flavoring like vanilla that is high concentrated alcohol; 3 parts alcohol to 1 part coloring gel.  You can also use the Airbrush color offered by other brands.  Cake Craft will be introducing a specific formulation that is already diluted like the other brands available to customers very soon. 

Q: “How is the flavor of your fondant? Can you add flavoring to it?”

A: Our fondant has a soft vanilla flavor.  You can add additional flavor to it but would need to go light on that to avoid adding too much liquid. It may be best to use a past flavoring.

Q: “I recently bought the Cake Craft Mini Airbrush Compressor Model: YSAB-60900 and want to make sure I take care of it properly.”

A: Clean your Airbrush Machine well after each color use with warm water until the spray is completely clear. Any airbrush machine can become clogged with time and use but can easily be cleared with warm water.

Q: “I understand that I can use gel color if I mix it with Everclear or Vodka. Do you have a "recipe" for ratio of gel color to alcohol?”

A: The ratio for mixing color gel into an airbrush spray color is 1 oz of Vodka, Everclear or Clear Vanilla Extract to 1 or 2 drops of Cake Craft or other brand of Color Gel. Mix until well blended.  

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