Gold Lace Cream

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Gold Lace Cream


This white edible cake lace mix is used to create a beautiful lace pattern for your cakes and cupcakes. Featuring a soft sheen veil finish and intricate pattern that lace patterns look amazing for any occasion whether it be for birthdays, engagements, weddings and anniversaries. 

Whether you are creating and decorating a vintage wedding cake or want to just make your cake look beautiful, this sugar lace is the way to go!

Product Instructions:

Mix for 2-3 minutes using a wire whisk or spoon until the product looks perfectly smooth. 
Pour the product into the mold and let it penetrate deeply with the help of s spatula. 
Dry it in the oven at 170 - 200℉ (76-93℃) for 20 minutes. Add another layer of the product to the mold and dry it for another 20 minutes. 
To pull the product easily off the mold, let it cool for 5 minutes after drying in the oven. Turn it upside down and with a spatula palette knife, pull a corner of the veil and remove it. 
Air drying the product takes more that 24 hours depending on the thickness of the mold, and the atmospheric temperature and humidity.

Item #: LC200-001

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